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tolong dong ,yang jago bahasa inggris pasti tahu maksudnya

nindii Ω Jumat, 5 Agustus 2016 | 07:18 WIB
As in the material description that in the passive form, between the subject and the
object exchange the position, and then put the tobe depend on the tense, after that change
the verb into past participle.

There are many tenses that students should study and the students don’t know the past
participle yet.

Example: 	Miss Brenda teaches us English
		We are taught English by Mis Brenda
		English is taught by Miss Brenda to us.


1. The new company has given my father a lot of profit
2. I will buy him a special present for his birthday
3. The police asked me some questions
4. The queen grants them a free pardon
5. The Personnel Manager was giving them a speech for one hour.
6. The secretary is going to send an important letter to the manager.
7. The students are submitting a final exam to the lecturer.
8. The housemaid bring me acup of tea at 6. a.m.
9. Somebody told the police a lie
10. He takes me some meals at the party.
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